I was wrong but it’s your fault. I followed a leader who turned out to be dishonest or deluded. I trusted you but you were unreliable. I screwed up but the blame is on you.

I outsource my errors to someone else for processing!

مشترک خبرنامه شوید

با عضویت در خبرنامه می‌توانید از نوشته‌های جدید باخبر شوید.


Ali Sekhavati, Co-Active Coach یکشنبه، ۶ مارس ۲۰۱۱

if outsourcing error is the problem so accepting it should be the solution.

پاسخ به Ali
matchless mankind شنبه، ۵ مارس ۲۰۱۱

I think it's the easiest way to get ride of our conscience & because of this we are used to do it, although we know that we are wrong.:(
Do u have any solution to this disgraced manner? 🙂

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