The number is overwhelming!

I mean the number of new books which are published everyday plus the number of books which you have not read plus the number of books which will be published and there is a high chance that you ignore them. It’s just overwhelming! (only if you love reading books)

There are books to buy and read cover to cover but there are also books to take a look at the table of contents and their covers. You can learn a great deal about a book and its message just from its table of contents. Well I am not revealing a secret here, many people do this naturally when browsing a bookstore and many people don’t.

You can get many ideas and forage many keywords just by visiting ( I am sure there are other ones too) and browse hundreds of books if not thousands and click on the  LOOK INSIDE! icon. It’s actually called “Click to LOOK INSIDE!”

No need to say that the books on Amazon are not the only things you can look inside them for free.

So keep looking inside!

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