Fundamental particles

When we architect, we commit ourselves to some kind of fundamental particles.
If we look at the history of building construction, we can see that, at each stage of its development, the nature of its fundamental particles placed a limit on what could be built. History shows that shifting to new and better particles has led to big improvements.

A long time ago when most buildings were made out of mud and straw, we could say the builders had a mud paradigm. Then builders discovered that once mud is baked in a kiln to produce a brick its strength increases substantially. Buildings with ten stories became feasible using this new, stronger, brick particle. 

But bricks have their limit. They cannot support the skyscrapers we see in most major city centers. These use a different, stronger, building block re-enforced steel and concrete. With this new ‘particle’, buildings reaching up to the clouds can and have been built.

It is plain that the stronger the particle, the taller the building can be constructed. If someone had not worked at improving the fundamental particle, we would not be able to construct the tall structures we have today.

It’s the same when you architect your life. If you recognize your own life’s particles and make it as strong as possible, then you can build a life as big as it can be. 

Simple model: a few simple particles, a big life.
Go architect your life.


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  1. It was nice, I really like it, but in sooth I know not why I cant believe. Maybe just because I struggle so hard in life but I earn a little(now life is a gradual death), So I will believe it when I see it.
    Peace be with U….

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