you fail to succeed, you succeed to fail

Hardwired deeply into our belief system, Failure-Success is just another paradigm. It’s not wrong or right, we just think that way. Everything we do, every project we take on, every task we initiate we either succeed or fail.

But do we really have to fail/succeed? Is it reality that we either succeed or fail? Why are we so obsessed with being or becoming successful? Why are we so afraid of failure?

What does failure mean to you?
How about success?

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  1. Hello Mr Sekhavati!

    I’ve just listened to the audio version of your book “Emkaan”. It was very interesting to me, because I had experienced something similar. I’m 22, and I study English literature, first semester!
    about four or five years ago when I was a high school student, I lost my interest in going to school, in fact I couldn’t tolerate sitting in a class with a bunch of people to whom I couldn’t speak, because we didn’t have anything in common!
    All they wanted was to become a Doctor or Dentist. They were so focused on this goal that you could say they have been born just to do this.
    Now try to imagine a person sitting among them, without having a shred of interest in their purpose.
    So I decided no to go to school anymore! But since leaving the school is a taboo in my family, I started pretending that I’m doing so.
    I left the house early in the morning everyday, and came back right on time. Meanwhile my family were thinking that I’m in my way of becoming a Doctor, I was actually walking in a park, reading books that could help me out of the brainstorming that I was experiencing by engaging myself in stories that had nothing to do with me! “Novels”
    Finally I decided to tell them, because I couldn’t bear that situation anymore. I still feel sad about all those bad experiences that I made my family to face with.
    I enrolled in a new school, where there were no need to attendance, and I just simply had to take the final exams on my own.
    So I’m 18, and have nothing to be done! What should I do now?
    Let me do what I FEEL LIKE to do ( Except Laying on my back or what you call Goshaadi 🙂 ) for the first time in my life! So I started taking piano courses. I practiced piano almost the whole day. After only six months I played two pieces (Beethoven moonlight sonata part 1, and, in the morning light by Yanni) in a recital which was a great SUCCESS for me!
    Yes, SUCCESS! because I believe any progress in your favorite filed of activity, study, etc. is a success.
    If you are asking what about those things that you’re not interested in? I say, don’t look for success in things that you do just because you have to, because all you can except from them is a sense of relief when they are done, and have nothing to do with the feeling that I define as success.

    Best regards


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