a letter to the west

Feb 21, 2012

Dear The West,

I saw this news headline this morning: US and UK urged Israel not to attack Iran and then I remembered that US and maybe some other countries urged Iraq to attack Iran in 1979. There was a bloody war for 8 years and more than one million lives were lost. All innocent people. Since most of the people in the west still are not aware of that war, I mean they literally have no clue that such a war happened 30 years ago and it killed more than 1mm people, yet they consider killing of a few thousand a massacre, I decided to write this letter. I am writing this letter because I am not into politics and I don’t understand it and I don’t like it. But I know a couple of things about stupidity, media, mass idiocy, economy, greed and above all some facts about my country, Iran. So let me share with you what I think and feel today.

So you think Iran is constructing a nuclear bomb? I mean seriously? Come on! Let’s forget about idealism and fundamentalism and terrorism, etc. Let’s be pragmatic and practical. How can Iran construct a nuclear bomb? Do you know how technologically sophisticated is the thing? You sure know because you have constructed and used them for decades. But Iran? Can’t you see that we sell oil and we buy everything. We import everything from ketchup sauce to condoms, from auto parts to exotic fruits. We spend our oil money lavishly but I guess that’s another subject. Can’t you just publish all the goods and services from you and your ally countries that are exported to Iran? China, Turkey, Korea, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, etc.

We have tried so hard to build cars and we take that business very seriously as a nation. After some 40 years of hard work we import most of the parts from China and South Korea, assemble a car and call it “Pride”. That’s not a joke, the car is really named Pride.

Now you tell me, how is it possible that we construct a nuclear machine with thousands of cascaded centrifuges without buying this monstrous technology from someone you might know very closely? How many companies can make quad-core CPUs? How many companies can make 10,000-core uranium enrichment processing units? I am sure there is a way to find out. Why don’t you use Google search instead of Google news or Yahoo news or CNN or BBC or CBS, etc? Isn’t it more just to attack those companies rather than Iran if that’s really the case?

Saddam Hussein didn’t have weapons of mass destruction, but he did a good deal of destruction during a course of eight years war with us and that was 80s. Not too long ago, right?  Where were you all those years? Behind it? Did something radical happen when Mr. Bush took office 20 years later? You suddenly realized that there is WMD in this part of the world?  And funny enough you were wrong at that. Either you knew it or you didn’t. Now again? How many times you can fool and be fooled? I am really surprised. And sick. And tired.

I am not good at politics but when it comes to my own life and the lives of people whom I care about, I need to make sense of things. So please tell me what is it?  Is it oil? I understand that Saudi Arabia can provide it if we don’t. Even you can do it on your own. Doesn’t America have lots of oil? Is it really really about oil? I am puzzled. Or is it more like a game to get you out of your boredom? Or a task that has been assigned to some not so important bureaucrat with 65k annual income? Someone whose task is to accuse a country or a group. Preferably in the middle east and most preferably Muslim. Will there be a bonus or promotion if the guy can take the case to the next level? Or a partnership if he can make a war out of it? Does he get a percentage of all the weapons that are going to be sold in the upcoming war? Like a salesman? Isn’t this fuss all part of a marketing plan? Can we call him an entrepreneur? Is this a new start up or part of a serial business in a conglomerate?  How do you run it? Like GE or GM, I wonder.


Sincerely yours,

Ali Sekhavati




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