I hate HTTPS, a poem

I hate https

I hate https.
Such a useless protocol, a technological shame.
There is nothing to hide, nothing to cipher, nothing to decipher.
Not here not now.
All is clear but men are afraid, I don’t know why.
I have too many passwords, when nothing is private. It’s absurd.
Data is public or it must be, yet it’s not enough.
It should be readable by machines and by men.
Here and now.
That’s why videos or photos or even powerpoint presentations are no good, pollution on the Internet wasteland.
Google, I don’d want iGoogle. Please, please. Drop that stupid s. Just give me pure http and unsecured mail. Just make that god damn webpage available.
White bread is fine, no sauce, no filling, no topping, no drink, even no plate.
Eat to survive. Here and now.
Let everyone see my search or let everyone search me for that matter.
Just drop that s, that expensive time consuming limiting security private vanity.
It’s not 1984 anymore. George Orwell is not right,  not here not now.
I hate https or ssh or sftp or ssl or vpn  or any code.
My data is public, my affection is public, my info is pure text.
I want no password, no login, no privacy.
and I want no video, no music, no picture, no powerpoint.
no entertainment is fine, but maybe,
a little learning,  a little inspiration, a little move. Forward, or a different direction.
Give me pure text, pure cleartext,
because I hate https,
and no entertainment is just fine.


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