Free Rice

Please help me. Either this idea is outrageously stupid or I am totally ignorant.

There is this game called Free Rice. They say it’s a win-win game. You learn English vocabulary and starving children in Africa get food. They get free rice.

Now the question is where is this rice? Does “World Food Prgramme” has this rice stored in its warehouses somewhere already? If so, why don’t they just go ahead and give it to hungry children? Why should a child continue to starve until I or some other free internet hero play and win this stupid game? Unless there is no rice and my learning English vocabulary creates an unknown energy in the universe which in turn generates rice out of nowhere! Please enlighten me. How does this really work?

a hungry child

Oh, I can play other subjects as well. Like human anatomy.

Where in the human body do you find the “gluteus maximus” muscle?

The chest

The buttock

The knees

The thighs


If you didn’t know that the right answer is “the buttock” you just made a hungry child suffer by not getting 10 grains of free rice from WFP. How did I not know that anatomy is this important when it comes to hunger?

Come on! The starving world is waiting for you to memorize English vocabulary or human anatomy or any other subject that WFP is supporting right now.

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