The Ten Commandments of Daily English

1- You shall read. Read to understand and read to learn new words as well as new concepts and ideas. All in English. Books, blog posts, articles, etc.

2- You shall write. Write whatever. The Daily English Facebook page is not for liking. You will not learn English by liking something. You will learn English by communicating in English. Writing is one way to do it. Make sentences. Express yourself in English.

3- You shall use an English-to-English dictionary. You shall not use an English-to-Persian dictionary. It’s an unforgivable sin. You shall be burned if you do so.

4- You shall use Google to find the correct way of using a word, grammatical rules, etc.

5- You shall speak English from day one. You shall not wait until you have reached a certain point or level.

6- You shall make mistakes and learn from them. English is a language not mathematics. And you are not a robot.

7- You shall know your personal reason for learning English. Write it down somewhere. As a list or a single statement. Why are you learning English? Make it clear for yourself.

8- You shall listen to English conversations. Songs, movies, podcasts, etc. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. You shall listen at least one hour a day.

9- You shall pay attention to whatever form of communication you are engaged in. Practice to notice small details. Take notes. Carry a small notepad with you everywhere. Repeat these small things to yourself a million times.

10- You shall practice learning English every day.  You shall learn 10-20 new words. You shall write 10-20 new sentences. You shall read 1-5 new articles. You shall speak 10-20 minutes. You shall listen 1-2 hours. Every single day.

You shall learn more important things than English as well. You shall learn an art or a craft.

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