auwful, great, terrible, nice, excelent

the hotel ıs beautıful but the food ıs auwful
the best trip ever
Nice hotel
excelent choice for total relaxation
poor service quality, careless staff
Service quality was horrible,cheap food and drink served, terrible…
its terrible, nobody listens you here and nobody tries to help you.
Great hotel, nice location, nice rooms, very very poor services
Waste of vacation days, be careful.
We really enjoyed it, with all the things we could complain about
Great vocation on great hotel

Want to get confused or even crazy? Visit a review website like and read reviews about a hotel or anything else.

Why different people experience the reality so differently?
How come one single hotel can be excellent and awful at the same time?

Does this phenomena apply to other things as well? Like people we meet, a taxi driver, weather, a meal, a national policy, a president, Bin Laden’s death, Ali Sekhavati’s blog and life in general.

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